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Am I Enough?

Who am I that you are mindful of me?

Who am I that you are mindful of me? Am I enough? This question plagues every person at one time or another. We may be sufficient for ourselves, each other, our jobs and families, but are we enough on our own to save ourselves, to be holy? The simple answer is no. If we are enough, if our works save us, then we live in a constant fear of losing the love of God if we aren't doing or performing well. My husband had a conversation with a friend about this topic, and the person was saying that if we aren't enough then we will always be trying to win the love of the Father. But that's just it, BECAUSE we are not adequate on our own, we are only in right-standing because of Jesus' sacrifice, not because of anything we can do. We don't have to earn His love; it is given unconditionally, no matter how good we are or how many times we fail. It is similar to how we as parents love our children. Even when they do things wrong, we consistently love them. There's nothing they could do to make us love them more or less.

We are only in right-standing because of Jesus' sacrifice... We don't have to earn His love.

We are a broken, unholy people outside of His grace. Praise God that our salvation is not determined on how much we do for Him or how much value we think we have! My children may be enough for ME, because I am not holy like God. But I want to teach them that they are not enough on their own, and that's okay. They have a need of a Savior who came to set them free and make them holy. They need to have faith in His grace, not themselves, to save them. Only through Christ can they become righteous. Short of surrendering our lives to him, there is nothing we can ever do to be enough. The unbridled sacrifice of our hearts given to Him is all He wants. The Creator of the universe wants to make us like Himself! He desires a close, personal relationship with you and me! If we can step out in faith, He changes us, molds us, and refines us to His image. It's only the work of the Holy Spirit that can make us enough. Prayer for today: Who am I that you are mindful of me? I am your creation, Lord. Thank you for this truth. Thank you for coming to save me from sin and myself. I want to know you more. Please help me to surrender every day of my life to you. Help me have faith in you, not in my own abilities. Remind me of this truth when I try to rely on myself. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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