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Growth In Your Valleys

Mountains look much more beautiful from the valleys - Maykell Araica.

The mountains in this photo are the Wasatch Mountains and this beautiful photo was taken by my husband Maykell, the owner of Peak & Sparrow Creative - so amazing babe! These are personal to me. They represent some very difficult times in my life. But they also represent my faith.

We all have had mountain-top experiences. Everything is going our way. Work and our relationships are thriving. Our bills are paid, and we have a little extra. Our kids are good for an extended period of time. We finally found our dream home. Those mountain-top experiences are blissful. However ...

When you’re on a mountain, the cliffs are high, and the valleys are deep. Life valleys are HARD. You lose your job. Your spouse leaves you. Your kids make you regret being a parent. You lose your house. You’re an addict who relapsed. You have a lifelong disability. Your loved one dies. Valleys are treacherous. All the water, landslides, and avalanches from the surrounding mountains head straight for the valleys.

The valleys and the scars they leave etch themselves deep into your heart. I’ve crawled and wept through mine. I’ve hung on for dear life as my loved ones helped me fight and pray through them.

What is interesting though, is the soil in the valleys are actually much better for growth than on the surrounding mountains. There are fewer erosion factors and there are normally rivers nearby that supply water for growth. The nutrient-rich dirt carried by the water coming off the mountains makes the valley floors flat and balanced.

When you are face down, as rock-bottom as you can get in your valley, what can you do? Where do you turn? When you’re at the bottom, the only way you can go is up. It's at the bottom of these deep caverns, you truly begin to grow in character and faith.

You must turn your eyes to God, our Heavenly Father, our Comforter. He alone can change your circumstances. Everything, even nature, sickness and death must bow to the Creator. He goes before you and fights your battles. He is your victory. Where does your help come from? It comes from the Lord. Be encouraged that at the lowest of valleys, if you look up instead of looking at your problems, cry out to the Lord and trust Him, He will answer you, and He will help you!

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