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Our Blessed Assurance

We were created for eternity, and this is our hope in spite of death.

It was Christmastime. Lights and trees were up. Traditional Christmas songs were playing everywhere. Almost everything felt normal. It was supposed to be a time filled with joy and cheer.

Instead of sitting in the living room around our Christmas tree, I was sitting in an ICU room with my family. Tears stung my eyes as I watched my once strong, now feeble father struggle to take each breath. His lungs were filling with fluid. Oxygen wasn’t getting to his organs. No one was sure if our mean marine would survive this time. We were pretty certain he wouldn't. The family was called in. We sat and waited. Sometimes we laughed. Other times we cried. When we didn't want anyone to see our tears or hear our sobs, we would get up and leave the room or hide our faces.

They would try one more thing. If that didn't work, well then... I know the fragility of life, and the speed at which it can be snuffed out like the flame of a candle. I understand it. But I don’t like it, and I don’t want it. We were created for eternity; so when we are confronted with death our hearts long for the promise of life. Our desires lie in our spirituality. We were made in the image of God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Our desire to live is because God intentionally created us for eternity. We were meant to live forever, but because of sin, we were separated from God.

Our hearts long for the promise of life. Our desire to live is because God intentionally created us for eternity.

In the face of mortality, we try to hold on to every ounce of life. I was desperate. I prayed selfishly and begged God not to take my dad. Not yet; not now. My husband held me in his arms as I sobbed. After a few minutes he said, “If your dad takes his last breath struggling here, his next breath will be a strong deep breath in heaven. He won’t ever struggle to breathe again.”

I was reminded that everything here is temporary. Which doesn’t ease the pain of losing someone we love, but it brings peace to our hearts. It brings hope of a glorious future! I was listening to “O Holy Night,” and it says, “A thrill of hope the weary world rejoices.” Jesus is our blessed assurance - our hope in spite of death. He came to give us the life for which He created us.

I want to encourage you today to remember that life is short and eternity is near. Have hope that if you’re struggling with something whether it be sickness, depression, anxiety, addiction or death rely on God. He is a big God. He will set you free and give you life more abundant! Take the time you have left to put your trust in the Author of your life. Get to know Him now, before it’s too late.

Photo Credit: Tami Araica

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